FABA 2022 - General Information

Thank you for joining us for FABA 2022!

While the conference is over, there is much work still to be done.  If you are interested in finding additional ways to connect with FABA or your local chapter, please contact us at [email protected]  If you are looking to donate to the Public Policy Committee, you can do so here.
We welcome your feedback from the conference and look forward to working with you to continue advocating for ethical, responsible ABA practice across the state of Florida.
You will find the archived conference information page below.

The 42nd Meeting of the Florida Association for Behavior Analysis
September 21-23, 2022

in partnership with the

OBM Network Conference*

Saturday, September 24, 2022

 (*Separate registration required; attendance at either is not required to attend one)

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FABA - [email protected]   /   BehaviorLive - [email protected]

FABA 2022 Keynote

Gina Green, PhD, BCBA-D

FABA Invited Speakers 2022

Elizabeth Fong, PhD, BCBA-D

Corina Jimenez-Gomez, PhD, BCBA-D

David J. Cox, PhD, MSB, BCBA-D

Nicole Gravina, PhD

Kathryn Peterson, PhD, BCBA-D 

Tyra Sellers, JD, PhD, BCBA-D 


OBM Network Invited Speakers:

Judith Komaki, Ph.D.

Maria Malott, Ph.D. 

Ivy Chong, PhD, BCBA-D

Doug Johnson, Ph.D., BCBA-D

Shannon Biagi, M.S., BCBA

Krystyna Riley, M.A.

When is FABA? As in previous years, FABA will open with workshops on Wednesday, September 21, 2022 and break-out sessions occurring on both Thursday and Friday, the 22nd and 23rd, respectively. New this year, FABA will host the OBM Network for a one day conference on Saturday, September 24, 2022. 

Anything new this year? Yes, instead of FABA holding a half day of break-out sessions on Saturday, FABA will host the OBM Network Conference for a one day event. Check out the OBM Network at their website: https://obmnetwork.com FABA encourages members to register and attend the OBM Network Conference! To Register, visit https://www.obmnetwork.com/events/EventDetails.aspx?id=1612252
How do I submit a presentation proposal to FABA? The Call is now closed. We invite you to submit for consideration next year!
How do I submit a presentation to the OBM Network? The OBM Network conference features Invited Speakers only and therefore, is not calling for presentations at this time.  Interested parties are encouraged to submit to FABA for consideration for the OBM Track. 
When is the deadline to submit a presentation? The deadline closed on June 12th.
When should I expect an acceptance notification? All acceptance notifications have been sent. If your submission was not accepted this year, please note that a team of over 35 reviewers from across the state conducted blind reviews, evaluated all data uploaded, and accepted approximately 83% of submitted content.  Space also played an issue as the number of submissions doubled since 2021 and were higher than 2019 (pre-pandemic). Correspondence was sent to the email address(es) provided in the submission. Please note that all presenters must present on site.

How do I collect CEUs?  FABA will be using BehaviorLive for CEU certificate tracking and delivery this year.  In person attendees should download the BehaviorLive app in the Apple AppStore or Google Play Store before attending the conference.  If you are attending online, please login and follow the on-screen instructions.  Find out more here:  https://support.behaviorlive.com/hc/en-us/articles/360052296874-Attendee-Quick-Reference-Guide

Conference Facts:

Host Hotel

Sawgrass Marriott Golf Resort and Spa (click the hotel name to be linked to their website)
1000 PGA Tour Boulevard
Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida 32082 
Phone(904) 385-7777

Events and Dates

September 22-23, 2022, with pre-conference workshops on Wednesday, September 21st.

The OBM Network conference will be on Saturday, September 24, 2022. 

Conference Registration Fees

Advance Registration Only will be available for the following packages (once registrations opens):

FABA only - Professional Member Two Day Advance Registration - $250

FABA only - Student / Direct Care / Parent  Two Day Advance Registration - $150

FABA only - Non-Members Two Day Advance Registration - $350

FABA only - Advance Workshop Ticket (each) (CEUs included if needed) - Per Workshop 

FABA only - Behavior Analysis CEU Package - $85

OBM Network Only - $105 - Professional One Day Conference Registration

OBM Network Only - $75 - Student One Day Conference Registration

When to arrive and leave

The conference break out sessions officially begin on Thursday, September 22, 2022 at 8 AM, and conclude on Friday, September 23rd at 5:00 pm with the [email protected] Afterglow Party starting at 9 PM featuring Ignites. FABA's Pre-Conference workshops will be held on Wednesday, September 20th and require an additional ticket purchase. Post-Conference workshops and break out sessions will not be held this year, but FABA will be partnering to bring the OBM Network Conference to Ponte Vedra! The OBM Network Conference will feature seven invited speakers on Saturday and will require an additional registration.

Most attendees will want to arrive by Wednesday evening in order to attend the Welcome Reception and the Annual special session that has been held by the BACB the past five years as a method to deliver pertinent updates to the members of FABA.

If you would like to take advantage of the full conference event, departure travel should be planned for Sunday, September 25th. We encourage all attendees to experience the OBM Network Conference right after the conclusion of FABA and attend the popular Ignites @ Nite! event at 8:00, directly followed by Karaoke and Dancing.

Tentative Schedule

Tuesday, September 20

FABA Store and Registration open 5:00 pm


Wednesday, September 21

FABA Store and Registration open 8:00 am

Workshops run from 9:00 am to noon and 1:00 - 4:00 pm (or 1:00 – 5:00 pm if 4 hours)

Welcome Reception (Social)


Thursday, September 22

FABA Store and Registration open 7:00 am

Breakout Sessions run from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Keynote Address 11:00 am

Inside Behavior Analysis with Dr. Gina Green 4:30 pm

Presidential Social/Poster Session 5:30 -6:30 pm

Reunions/Company Dinners/Special Private Events 7:00 pm


Friday, September 23

FABA Store and Registration open 7:00 am

Breakout Sessions run from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Presidential Address/Business Meeting 11:00 am – 12:30 pm

[email protected] Event and Auction

Friday Night Social


Saturday, September 24 – OBM Network Conference!

OBM Network Invited track runs from 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Please Note: All FABA Presenters Must Register for the Conference and Pay Annual Membership Dues; in order to access the OBM Network, FABA members will need to complete a separate registration as FABA registration only covers Thursday and Friday events.

The full agenda will be released in the weeks leading up to the conference, but details are subject to change up to and during the conference.  All sessions on Thursday & Friday are open to FABA conference ticket holders. Saturday's events by the OBM Network are available for those purchasing and registering for the OBM Network (an additional fee).

Name badges will be issued to all registered attendees, regardless of registration type, and must be worn at all times to gain entrance to sessions, events, the Exhibit Hall and all other areas of the Convention. One-day registration is not available for FABA. Exhibit Hall-only passes indicate limited Convention access and these individuals are not eligible for CEUs unless full registration is purchased. Guests must also wear their badges.

Your badge will not be mailed. You will receive your badge along with additional conference material at the conference packet pickup desk when you arrive.

Registration Cap

This year, we will be capping registration at 1,400.   This number is determined by the Fire Marshal as the maximum number of people who can exit the conference area in the event of an emergency. Please avoid attempts to attend the social events only without registering for the event to limit overcrowding. Please also plan to wear or display the conference name badge to security should you be prompted to do so.

On Site Registration

FABA does not offer on-site registration. This event is for preregistered attendees only.


Below is information about the distance to several airports as the hotel does not offer a shuttle. 

International airports near Ponte Vedra Beach, FL:


Domestic airports near Ponte Vedra Beach, FL:



Both Valet parking and self-parking are available at the hotel but these rates are subject to change.  FABA does not validate, reimburse or offer discounts on parking rates.

Valet Parking: $25 USD daily
Self-Parking: Reduced to $7 USD daily for FABA attendees

Weather/Conference Attire

In September, the temperature is an average high of around 90 degrees, with an average low around 75 degrees. Meeting room temperatures tend to be cold. Please bring a light sweater or jacket to all meetings. 


Should you require an invitation letter for a Visa application for travel to the U.S. to attend the conference, please forward proof of your conference registration to Kolton Sellers at [email protected] so that Kolton can get a letter issued to you.

Accessibility for Registrants with Disabilities

FABA is committed to providing an outstanding experience for all participants.  We strive for full access to the activities of these events based on an awareness of participants' needs and appropriate planning.  Accessibility accommodations relating to mobility, hearing, vision or other areas may be provided.

We ask that requests for reasonable accommodations requests be made as early as possible, and well in advance of the event, so we may best accommodate individual needs and requirements. Onsite requests will be accommodated to the best of our ability; however, available resources may be limited. You will see the opportunity to express your needs during the registration process as we are here to ensure a comfortable and accessible conference experience.

For questions or concerns about accessibility at this year’s conference, please contact [email protected]

Session Room Behavior

Extensive planning goes into scheduling sessions in appropriately sized rooms; however, the popularity of sessions is not always predictable, and overcrowding occasionally occurs. If a session room reaches capacity, attendees must follow the instructions provided by FABA staff, host hotel Regency staff, volunteers, or security staff. Attendees may be instructed not to stand against the walls or block the aisles or doors, or they may be denied entry if the room is too crowded. FABA is obligated to abide by the guidelines established by the Fire Marshal. If a room reaches full capacity and we do not have your cooperation, the Fire Marshal has the authority to delay or even terminate the session until any problem has been satisfactorily corrected. Please be courteous and respectful to staff and student volunteers when you are directed elsewhere.

Attendees are asked to be respectful of their fellow attendees and to be mindful of potential disruptions during sessions, such as eating food, use of phones or other mobile devices, or the presence of infants and children. Phones and other mobile devices should always be silenced. Attendees should not be photographing presentation slides unless explicit permission has been granted by the presenter(s); please respect the Recording Policy. Further, due to contractual obligations with both speakers, invited presenters, hotel management, and virtual presentation companies, no recording is allowed in sessions including during Ignites and social events without written approval of the Program Chair. Approval is contingent upon disclosing the purpose for the recording as well as adding a disclaimer that content is not endorsed by FABA.

Presentation Content and Feedback

Through the process of the Call for Papers, all submissions that included an abstract, title, learning objectives, data, and speaker qualifications are reviewed by over 35 independent reviewers from the field. These reviewers are volunteers from across the state that consist of practitioners and researchers as FABA aims to provide the highest quality, state of the art research findings for attendees. However, FABA does not individually vet the specific content of each live presentation in advance of the event. Therefore, FABA is not responsible for the content a presenter may choose to deliver during a live or pre-recorded presentation nor can the FABA Program Committee guarantee that a presentation includes all relevant facts, data, or the most up-to-date research. FABA is not liable in the event that omissions or errors occur. However, FABA also affords attendees and members the opportunity to deliver feedback to each presenter through session ratings and feedback narratives immediately upon the conclusion of the session. FABA also provides the email address for each speaker at the conference printed in the conference Program to facilitate an attendee's direct communication with the presenter of concern. In line with the BACB's Ethics Code for Behavior Analysts, FABA encourages attendees to deliver immediate feedback directly to presenters should the need arise and as, always, please reach out to the Program Chair should you need additional clarifications or support.